World Music Band 'DOSI'

‘DOSI’ is a world music band that presents a new music genre through the fusion of traditional instrument and band sound. The band officially started their creative path since winning the gold award at the 2018 21C Korean Music Project. Their music is a new face of Korean music reinterpreted for the current generation, which covers progressive music created through the convergence of traditional instrument and band sound. Based on the traditional instrument’s organic nature of freedom, 'DOSI' performs in unique pronunciation. The aspects of musical agility and finesse that are rare to find in the original creative Korean traditional music, represent the world music band ‘DOSI’. And 'DOSI's distinctive color is expressed through their musical composition and sound.


매풍 (The Wind Of Goblin) 

The Wind Of Goblin is made of “’Heoteun Taryeong’ in Daepungryu” what is kind of Korean traditional music. Continual melody is used by vocals even not only instruments, then it feel like goblins talk to each other.

동틀 무렵의 서 (Dawn)

‘Dawn’, which is created on the theme of Gyeonggi Folk Song ‘Taepyeongga’, is intended to make you feel calm from the quiet and dawn to the morning when the light of the dawn comes up.  It is a representative emotional song of the ‘Dosi’ that gives a calm sound, and you can appreciate more dynamic and mellow Crossover Korean Traditional music through various expressions of traditional Korean instruments used in Korean traditional folk accompaniment.

달그림자 (Moon Shadow)